China: Guidelines for Establishing the Green Financial System

Release time:2018-11-01


China is at a crucial stage of economic structural adjustment and transformation for its development model. The demand for green finance to support green industries and sustainable development is constantly expanding. In order to fully implement the "Opinions of China's Central Party Committee and the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Ecological Civilization" (Zhongfa [2015] No.12) and the "Overall Plan for the Structural Reform for Ecological Civilization" (Zhongfa [2015] No.25), as well as promote the development concepts of innovation, harmony, greenness, openness and sharing, the following guidelines have been developed with the approval of the State Council. 

These guidelines strive to accomplish many essential goals – they will execute the tasks of the Government Work Report, promote the sustainable development of the economy, establish a sound green financial system, improve the function of the capital market in allocating resources and servicing the real economy, and support and promote the development of an ecological civilization.

Download the full report here.