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Webinar: Rebuilding Resilience through Sustainable Finance

  • Activity Time:2020-06-25
  • Place of Activity:
  • Brief introduction of activities: The IFC-supported Sustainable Banking Network (SBN) is pleased to launch a timely new report Necessary Ambition: How Low-Income Countries Are Adopting Sustainable Finance to Address Poverty, Climate Change, and Other Urgent Challenges.
Brief introduction of activities

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, sustainable finance is   more important than ever to help countries rebuild and become more resilient.   It is a powerful tool to deepen financial stability and public-private   partnerships to address urgent social and environmental priorities.   Low-income countries are accustomed to innovating in response to urgent   challenges and economic constraints. Despite challenges, low-income countries   in the Sustainable Banking Network (SBN) community are at the forefront of   the new trend towards sustainable financial markets. Join us to learn about   their experiences and the opportunities they see in this transition.
  This free webinar presents exclusive country insights from the SBN report Necessary Ambition: How   Low-Income Countries Are Adopting Sustainable Finance to Address Poverty,   Climate Change, and Other Urgent Challenges, to be   launched in June 2020. The report is the first comprehensive review of   drivers and innovation behind market-level efforts to promote sustainable   finance in low-income countries. It includes 16 case studies, 8 country   reports, and practical decision-making tools based on countries' various   experiences.
  This 90   min free webinar will feature opening remarks by IFC Vice President,   Georgina   Baker, and presentations by four SBN member countries – Bangladesh, Kenya,   Mongolia, and Nigeria – about their national journeys to   promote a financial sector shift to sustainable finance practices. It will   also explore how the integration of sustainable finance can contribute to a   country's overall development ambitions.
Please register   at:     Space is limited!
  Note: A   confirmation with webinar link and information will be sent to registrants.   This webinar will be recorded and available online on the IFC Sustainability   website ( and the SBN website ( after the event.

Report Background

Globally, over 700 million people are living in extreme poverty, with less than $1.9 per day (2011 PPP). If unchecked, climate change could push an additional 100 million people into poverty by 2030, with severe consequences for the extreme poor and the most vulnerable. However, there are also immense opportunities in these countries. IFC estimates US$29 trillion in climate investment opportunities in six urban sectors in emerging markets cities until 2030. 

Responding to the request from low-income member countries that are eligible for IDA funding , SBN undertook a diagnostic study to understand the unique challenges and opportunities these countries face in adopting sustainable finance. The study finds that sustainable finance has emerged as a pathway for IDA countries to de-risk investments and enable the financial flows needed to support climate action and sustainable development. SBN IDA countries recognize that transitioning to sustainable financial systems is critical to their futures.