CIB: China Green Bond Market Annual Report

The new report summarises the major developments that have taken place during the year, focusing on green bond issuance, policy development and wider market growth.

The latest figures show total green bond issuance from China reached USD37.1bn (RMB248.6bn) in 2017, 4.5% up on the previous 2016 record. Of this total, USD22.9bn (RMB 154.3bn) issuance is aligned with international definitions, accounting for 15% of the USD155.5 global green bond record for 2017 and making China the second largest green bond market in the world.

2017 Highlights:

118 green bonds were issued during 2017 (113 onshore, 5 offshore).

USD37.1bn (RMB248.6bn) green bonds were issued, of which 62%, or USD22.9bn (RMB 154.3bn), aligned with international definitions.

USD6.01bn (RMB40.2bn) of issuance was Climate Bonds Certified, including the USD2.15bn debut green bond from Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) the worlds’ biggest bank.

The largest cumulative issuer in the year was China Development Bank (CDB) which included a Climate Bonds Certified offshore bond of USD1.67bn (RMB 11.1bn).

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