EBF: Towards a green finance framework 2017

Under the title ‘Towards a Green Finance Framework,’ the European Banking Federation today published a report that assesses the role of the banking sector in the context of the discussion on green finance.

European banks have a major role in the financing of the economy. Even as market-based financing gains a bigger share of the financing needs of companies in Europe, banks will continue to play an important role not only in terms of traditional lending but also in a range of intermediary functions and in their role as investors. With this major role comes responsibility.

As a facilitator of the economy, the financial system overall has a significant impact on the sustainability of the European economy along with the three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. Finance itself, taking into account these dimensions, can only be considered sustainable when serving the needs of sustainable development activities over their whole lifecycle.

The EBF report focuses on the technical, legal and regulatory aspects of one of the three dimensions: environmental sustainability, within the context of transformation to a two-degree economy. The EBF will address the other aspects of sustainability separately.

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