Sustainable Banking Network: Global Progress Report 2018

This report is SBN’s first Global Progress Report. The report presents a systematic view of progress toward sustainable finance among the emerging economies represented by SBN. It is based on a unique measurement framework to assess sustainable finance initiatives across emerging markets. The Global Progress Report was informed by country progress reports that were prepared for 15 SBN members implementing sustainable finance policy initiatives. Country specific reports detail each country’s good practice and highlight areas of focus to support and encourage members to further accelerate efforts in sustainable finance. With $38.3 trillion in banking assets, these 15 member countries account for more than 76 percent of emerging market banking assets.

The SBN measurement framework, developed, and agreed to by SBN members, draws on international good practice, as well as SBN members’ experiences and innovations. National sustainable finance policies and principles were assessed for environmental and social risk management practices by banks, green finance flows and enabling environment for comprehensiveness in coverage, depth and clarity. Assessment results feed into a SBN progression matrix to illustrate.

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